Adopt the Centre over the next three years a number of strategic objectives, namely:

The first strategic objective: to contribute to national efforts to improve the standard of living and food security of target groups.

This objective addresses the role that game and will play the  Economic and Social Development  Center of Palestinian in contributing to the improvement of living standards and the achievement of food security for all of its activities, as well as providing an enabling environment for economic and social development of the Palestinian society.

This reinforces the strategic goal attempts made by the State for the development of economic and social conditions through a variety of interventions. This goal demonstrates the extent of coordination and compatibility between the objectives of the center and the objectives it seeks to achieve national institutions. The attic, the center involving some state institutions effectively targeted strategic plan and has developed policies aimed at achieving this goal and contribute to the development process of the Palestinian society.

The Second Strategic Objective: to increase the capacity of civil society organizations and particularly cooperatives to provide services to its members and the community adapted to their needs.

Play center since its inception, an important role in building the institutions of civil society capacities, focusing on building a financial and administrative regulations and bylaws in the targeted institutions, the Centre focused on the human element in these institutions, where various programs for technical and administrative capacity-building also helped in the transfer of many cooperative enterprises shift and strengthened its role in providing better services to its members and the surrounding community. In addition, the Centre provided programs for the development of  farmers and people in rural areas and marginalized. Given the ongoing changes and developments faced by civil society organizations and individuals, the Centre that it continue to work within this framework and enhance the capacity of civil society and enable it to provide excellent services to its members and the surrounding community, and a variety of policies and interventions to achieve this end.


The Third Strategic Objective  promoting participation and gender mainstreaming in the operations and activities of the Centre on the basis of Justice and equality

The concept of gender – and recognized the term Gender-critical development that are expected to result in better living conditions for all and in all fields. The concept of cultural relativity as it varies from time to time and from one community to another and a society's roles and possibilities, rights and duties of women and men, and different from the concept of type on the general concept of  the genus; sexuality means the biological conditions that lead to type or gender of both women and men, while gender identity and human entity being formed, and is influenced by what is selected by social perceptual effects and roles of male or female and refers to social roles, behaviors, activities, and attributes that a particular society considers to be Suitable for men and women There are many obstacles related to Community realities and that weaken and limit their ability to benefit from development and active participation in it.  Since the difference in type results in a difference in the interests and priorities of both women and men, it stresses the need to take into account the needs of both women and men.  So the social vision sought to ensure that the benefits of development reach the target groups of men and women, not only those who are in a better position to take advantage of them, and that the efforts of the development will lead to better social conditions in all areas.  In addition, it provides an opportunity for the participation of all in the development process, leading to a sense of belonging and commitment to what is being done and the desire for success and continuity.

From this point of view the Centre to strengthen its focus on participation and gender mainstreaming as a strategy for development of the opportunities and resources of all sectors of society for equitable access and effective efforts of development. The Centre also seeks to enable gender to achieve effective participation in development, so that gender mainstreaming is a strategy Center's work in development and not an end in itself, since the aim is to achieve development. Accordingly, the Centre has developed policies to achieve this goal.

The fourth strategic objective: enabling the Centre to strengthen governance at various levels to be more effective and efficient in management and supervision.


Pour this directly in the development of operations within the Centre, with the Centre's work and continuously develop performance by focusing on the development of capacity-building of human resources through training activities, both domestic and external, and also focused on the development of regulations continuously changes around.  Accordingly, the Centre has built many partnerships with local and international organizations also took part in several events, conferences and visits by networking.  The Centre will concentrate in the next three years to continue in this direction as a strategic goal, and it was developing policies in achieving this strategic goal.