ESDC’s activities all contribute to the Institutional Capacity Development Program or the Food Security Program. The main activities of ESDC include individual and organizational capacity building, democratization and institutional development (strategic and business plans, systemization, etc.). Further, ESDC develops the production capacities of farming cooperatives and CBOs including quality, quantity, unified standards, packaging, good hygiene and then links them to the market. ESDC also provides assistance for the Food Security Program through providing backyard animal production units, home gardens, and direct food assistance when the family has no agriculture assets. ESDC also helps small scale farmers and herders cope with natural and occupational disasters as well as providing for water needs through rehabilitation/construction of home wells, irrigation systems, etc. Even when working with the Food Security Program, ESDC builds the capacities of the families, small scale farmers and herders in order to sustain their intervention. Good Agriculture practices are key activities in both programs as well.