A Palestinian cooperative society that is economically independent and socially just
Eventuating Integrated Development in Palestine through Economic & Social Empowerment for the target groups
ESDC continues to align its organizational values with the internationally-accepted co-operative principles. It also upholds the values of transparency, integrity and accountability, social justice, and peace.
ESDC recognizes itself as a member of civil society in Palestine. Its stated strategic objective within the development programme:
  1. To contribute in the national endeavors in improving the livelihood & food Security for the target groups.
  2. To Increase the capacities  of  civil society organization, including cooperatives  in providing relevant services to their members & communities.
  3. To reinforce  the gender equitable &  equity  in ESDC’s operations & activities.
  4. To build the capacities of ESDC to be more efficient and effective in management & supervision.